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Katrina's Revenge - Part Four.
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Miss Liu’s bedroom was spacious and had a large king sized bed in the middle of the far wall. Against another wall was a chest of drawers, and in the corner was a large wicker chair with a pile of folded clothes on it. A bathroom led off to the left, and a huge walk-in closet was on the right-hand wall. The closet doors went from the floor to nearly the ceiling and were all mirror.

Katrina looked at the closet doors and smiled. “Oooh, Miss! I’ll be able to watch myself squish you!”

Wang smiled nervously. Never in her wildest dreams did she think the reflection of her bedroom mirrors would be of a 1,000lb woman squashing her. The gargantuan teenager walked up to her tiny teacher, her immense body towering over and utterly dwarfing the small Chinese woman. Wang looked up at the vast young lady, her eyes wide with lust and anticipation. Without another word, she lifted her thin, figure-hugging summer dress up and over her head and tossed it to the side of the room. Katrina gazed down at the svelte and beautiful woman, now dressed only in pastel pink lacy panties and tiny bra.

Katrina removed her tight leggings so that she too was only standing in her underwear; a vast white bra that was struggling to contain the masses of black breast flesh, and a huge white G-string that, although using yards and yards of material, looked skimpy on the titanic teenager.

“I think it’s time for you to feel what it’s like to have me sit on your whole body.”

Miss Liu gulped and a bolt of fear pulsed through her. “O…… okay,” she stammered breathlessly.

Katrina looked at the bed. It was a metal frame with a good quality and thick mattress on top. Completely effortlessly, the gigantic young woman lifted Wang off her feet and carried her to the bed, where she gently laid the half-terrified teacher onto it. The king sized bed was very large and Wang’s tiny body hardly filled any of it. Katrina had placed her towards the head of the bed, and about a foot from the side of it.

The colossus smiled down at the wide eyes of her teacher. “This time you’ll get to feel all 987lbs of me across your entire body.”

“Katrina… I….. erm….. maybe we shouldn’t…..”

The gargantuan woman gave a little chuckle and turned her immense body around so that her massive black ass was hovering over the bed. Miss Liu gasped when she saw that Katrina’s incredible width was nearly the same as the length of her huge bed, making the young teenager well over five feet wide! The depth of her stunningly enormous ass would easily cover half of the width of the bed.

As Wang looked on, eyes wide with a mixture of fear and excitement, the behemoth half ton woman began to sit down.

“Oh my God…. Katrina…..”

The massive wall of ass flesh got lower and lower and within seconds the tiny teacher began to be engulfed in soft, hot, heavy chocolate colored flab. Katrina had positioned her mammoth body so that Miss Liu’s head would remain in clear air, but from the neck down her entire body was now being swallowed in flesh, Katrina’s gigantic ass stretching way past Wang’s feet and flowing off the bottom of the bed. Once more, the crushing, incredible weight of Katrina began to press down on Miss Liu, and she felt herself being pushed deeper and deeper into her thick, soft mattress. As the colossus increased the weight, the mattress got flatter and flatter and suddenly Wang could feel the solid metal frame underneath her; Katrina was so incredibly heavy that she had compressed her thick mattress completely flat.

The metal bed frame began to creak and groan as more and more crushing, terrifying weight was lowered down, and that colossal weight was now starting to squash Wang against the solid frame of the bed. Her tiny ribs and bones began to get compressed and she quickly had all of the air forced out of her little body.

“Katrinaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she gasped, the end of the word sounding merely like a hiss of air. The little woman had no more breath inside her and yet the incredible weight kept increasing.

After considerable creaking and groaning of tortured metal, the bed frame finally could cope no more and Katrina felt the whole bed begin to sink lower under her crushing weight. She smiled; just like her Mother, she loved to feel furniture collapse and crush under her weight, and this time she had her beloved teacher under her as well. Things didn’t get much better than this!

The entire side of the bed that Katrina’s massive body was on bent and buckled and after a lot of groaning metal sounds, that entire part of the bed frame was crushed flat to the floor, the mattress compressed from one and a half feet thick to no more than an inch or two. Katrina sat back; her entire 987lbs of bulk was now resting on her tiny teacher, who was trying in vain to suck in some air. Her face was bright red and her eyes were screwed up as she tried to deal with the massive amount of weight now resting on her. She had felt her ribs compress, and all of her internal organs felt like they were now flat. Her legs were going numb from lack of blood circulating around them. She was beginning to panic; Wang couldn’t breathe and desperately needed some air, and her entire body felt like it was about to collapse under the colossal teenager.

Suddenly, just as the little woman thought she was going to pass out, her massive squasher mercifully leaned her huge bulk to one side, allowing Wang’s upper body some respite from the crushing weight. Air flooded into her flattened lungs, and her ribs creaked as they were allowed back to their normal shape. And then all of a sudden the side effect of what Katrina was doing hit her in the biggest way possible; by rolling her gigantic body to one side, her weight was now being concentrated more and more purely on Wang’s tiny legs. Although she could now breathe a little bit, her legs were getting crushed more and more and they felt as if they were on fire. She was sure her bones would snap any moment and she let out a strangled scream.

“Agghhhhh! K….. Kat….. Katrina! My legs! Get off me! Please!”

Katrina smiled and lowered her gigantic bulk back down, once again squashing the air from Miss Liu’s upper body in a rush. Once more, the helpless little woman was utterly flattened under Katrina’s huge ass, desperately trying to suck in even a tiny bit of air.

“Now, now, Miss,” purred the behemoth woman, “remember the drill? You have to beg for mercy. You sound so sexy when you beg.”

Wang tried to speak, tried to beg for her life, but she simply had no air with which to make any sound. After a few seconds of tormenting her, Katrina once again lifted some of her weight off the tiny woman’s torso.

“What was that, Miss?”

Wang gasped, coughed, and spluttered a reply with her newly found air. “Agghhh! Christ! Katrina! Please! I beg you! I’m begging you! PLEASE! Have mercy! Please!”

“Are you sure you don’t want to feel what it’s like when I bounce?”

Wang’s head span. “NO! God NO! Please! Katrina! Please show me some mercy!”

“What about if I leaned all my weight to the other side, so you can feel my entire half a ton on your upper body?”

Wang was pleading and screaming with what breath she had left. “I beg you! NO! Please! I can’t cope with any more weight!”

A booming laugh and a little pause followed. “Okay, I’ll save all of that for later.”

Katrina rolled her immense bulk forward, and hauled herself to her feet. She looked down and felt a thrill tingle throughout her entire body. Miss Liu was lying motionless on her half-crushed bed, gasping and panting for air. The mattress wasn’t designed to cope with someone of Katrina’s weight, and the side where she’d been sitting could only expand to half its previous height. Miss Liu was pressed deep into an indentation in the mattress. The metal frame had been flattened on that one side and the entire bed was now sloping down from the uncrushed side to the floor.

“Okay Miss, time to stand up.”

“I……. I……… I’m not sure I can,” she gasped. “You flattened my legs!”

“Tch! You sound just like my Dad after Mom’s sat on him. So I’ll tell you the same thing she tells him. You’ve got ten seconds to get up or I’m going to sit on you again.”

Wang’s eyes went wide with shock. There was no way she could cope with Katrina’s weight again so soon. Surely the massive teenager didn’t mean it? As if reading Miss Liu’s mind, Katrina turned around and hovered her terrifying ass over the crumpled body of her teacher.


“Oh no! Katrina! Please! I need to recover. Spare me, I beg you!”


Wang realized that the huge crusher meant exactly what she’d said; in eight seconds, Katrina would sit her full half-ton back down again. Full of panic, Wang scrambled as best she could, her aching body refusing to move like she wanted.


Finally, she managed to roll onto her side and out of the large dent in the mattress that she had been pressed into, her upper body feeling like she’d been hit by a train.


Even though she’d managed to move, she was still under the enormous shadow of Katrina’s ass and with some desperate squirming and thrashing about, she managed to sit herself upright. The pain in her legs was now a huge tingling sensation as the blood was finally able to circulate again.


Wang was terrified, excited, turned on, moist, horny, panicked, and despite the crushing her body had just received she was loving every minute of this. She had no idea that one person could invoke such a wide range of conflicting emotions in someone, but the gargantuan Katrina could. The sadomasochistic side of her wanted to just lie under the mountainous ass and let Katrina sit her full weight down again, but the self-preservation side of her was screaming at her to get the hell out of the way of this colossal woman!


Wang rolled onto her knees and crawled as fast as she could, finally getting clear of the crush-zone underneath Katrina’s mammoth ass.


Miss Liu staggered to her feet, her sore legs very wobbly but managing to hold her up.

Katrina let out a little giggle. “Eight, nine, ten!” She said in quick succession and then leaned backwards and dropped her entire half a ton of bulk down hard. The mattress instantly compressed flat again, and the bed frame slammed against the floor and was crushed even more than it had been the first time. The whole room shook with the impact, and Wang stood there with her mouth agape, the wetness between her legs soaking into her tiny panties.

“Hee hee! It’s a good job you managed to move, Miss.”

“Oh…. My…… God!” gasped the teacher, wondering whether Katrina would really have butt-dropped her if she hadn’t moved. “I thought you were heavy on the sofa, but that was weight like I’ve never even dreamed of!”

“I don’t think your bed was designed to cope with me,” said the huge teenager, hauling her huge bulk to her feet.

Miss Liu looked at the half-crushed bed. “No, I guess not. Or the mattress! Oh wow, the side where you were sitting is only half as high as it used to be.”

Katrina smiled. “I guess I crushed the springs on that side a little bit. My mattress at home is specially made and uses the springs that trucks use for their suspension.”

“That is…. Well, amazing!”

“Want to watch me turn your bed into a Futon?” asked the massive woman with a giggle.

“Well, I guess it’s not much use as it is right now, is it?”

Katrina smiled and walked towards Miss Liu. “But there’s something I need to do first.”

She pressed her massive belly against the teacher and kept on walking, pushing the 95lb woman backwards as if she wasn’t there. When they reached the wall, Katrina lifted Miss Liu up once again and squashed her against the wall with her belly before the two massively mismatched women kissed each other deeply, the air from Wang’s lungs once again being crushed from her tiny body and into Katrina’s hungry mouth. When Miss Liu had no more air in her lungs, Katrina pulled back slightly allowing her teacher to breath in and then she slammed her gargantuan belly against the wall even harder than last time. The little woman let out a muffled squeak that also was consumed by Katrina as she continued the deep, sexy kiss.

Katrina stepped backwards and Miss Liu dropped to the floor, her wobbly and sore legs almost giving out on her.

“Okay then, Futon time!” boomed the black woman mountain, walking her huge bulk to the uncrushed side of the bed.

Wang looked on, her head spinning from the kiss, from the squashing, from her excitement, from the anticipation of what was to come. She watched as the gigantic teenager positioned her half-ton ass over the bed and sat down. Once again, the mattress stood no chance at all and compressed completely flat under the onslaught of weight. The bed frame let out all sort of groans and creaking noises and quickly it too began to sink to the floor, the metal legs and frame being effortlessly crushed flat by the vast tonnage of Katrina. The huge woman bounced few times to make sure everything was completely flattened and then rolled onto her side and pulled her massive body to her feet.

“Ta-daaa!” She said, beaming. “One Futon.”

Miss Liu looked on in awe. The whole bed frame was now completely flat on the floor, and the mattress had been crushed to half of its original height. The only part of the mattress that was still a foot and a half thick was where the pillows were at the top of the bed. What Miss Liu didn’t know was that the colossal Katrina had a plan to deal with that, which she would find out very soon.

Wang’s legs crushed wobbled some more and she needed to sit down. She lurched over to the wicker chair, threw some clothes onto the floor and sat down on the rest of the pile. She was still breathing hard, gasping and panting for air rather than inhaling normally, and her lungs and torso felt bruised and sore.

“Aww, Miss! You messed up some of your neatly folded clothes! I’ll tell you what, I’ll show you a trick my Mom uses to quickly iron clothes.”

Wang looked up at the massive young woman, slightly confused. Katrina picked up the pile of clothes on the floor and placed them on her teacher’s lap. It was at that moment that Miss Liu suddenly realized what Katrina was about to do.

“Oh! No! NO! Katrina! Don’t!”

The gigantic teenager laughed loudly as she turned around. Her gargantuan five and a half foot wide ass was now hovering over the suddenly tiny wicker chair, and her colossal tree-trunk thighs offering no route for Wang to use for escape.

“Come on, Miss! It’ll be fun! I’ll bet you’ve never ironed clothes like this before?”

Wang’s legs were still throbbing from the crushing on the bed, and her upper body was bruised and sore. There was no way she could take another 987lb squashing just yet.

“N…. No! Katrina! Please! Don’t sit on me! I beg you!”

The half-ton woman mountain began to slowly lower her immense ass down, causing Wang to scream out in fear. Before she knew what was happening, her tiny legs were once again engulfed in acres of dark, smooth, crushingly heavy flesh. Katrina’s ass was far too wide for the chair and as the middle of her flab sank between the wicker arms and began to swallow her tiny teacher, the foot of ass flesh each side pressed a colossal amount of weight against the arm rests, which crumpled and snapped almost instantly.

Wang felt the clothes press down onto her legs, and Katrina’s dreaded weight followed. One hundred, two hundred, three hundred pounds of crushing pressure, and it was still increasing. The wicker chair was creaking and she heard several supports and ties snap under the mountainous onslaught of crushing power. Even just three hundred pounds was too much to bear for the tiny woman, as Katrina’s giant ass pressed her legs flat and squashed her upper body against the back of the chair.

She screamed and started to cry. “Katrina! PLEASE! I’m begging you! I can’t handle your weight! PLEASE DON’T CRUSH ME!”

The tone of her teacher’s voice was very different, and Katrina suddenly stopped lowering any more weight, much to the relief of the chair. The massive woman loved to hear Miss Liu beg for mercy, but her teacher was now sobbing and pleading, and she sounded in pain. Perhaps the last crushing on the bed had been too much too soon for the tiny 95lb woman. The last thing Katrina wanted was for Miss Liu to be terrified of being squashed by her any more, and she certainly didn’t want to hurt her beyond the usual aches from a half-ton squashing.

The massive teenager hauled her huge bulk back to her full height and turned around. Her tiny teacher was sitting in the half-crushed chair, gasping for air with tears streaming down her beautiful cheeks.

Katrina felt awful. “Oh, Miss! I’m sorry! I think I got a bit carried away! I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

Wang coughed a few times. “I know Katrina. I’m just not used to…. well, to so much weight!”

“I think I might have overdone it on the bed. I forgot you were new to all this. I haven’t scared you, have I?”

Wang laughed and coughed. “Katrina, you terrify me every time you are close to me. You terrify everybody! You’re enormous! But if you’re wondering if I’m too scared for you to squash me again, the answer is no. I just need a few minutes for my body to recover!”

Katrina beamed a huge smile down at Miss Liu. “Phew! I sometimes forget how heavy I am and….. well, I’ll never know what it’s like to be squashed, and I sometimes forget the effect my huge weight has on normal-sized people’s bodies.”

“My whole body is aching! And my legs feel like they’ve been run over by a bus! I don’t think my rib cage is the same shape any more either!”

Both women laughed; Wang was happy to be spared another crushing so soon, Katrina was happy that she hadn’t frightened off the object of her desire. The massive woman-mountain helped her tiny teacher to her feet.

Wang looked up at Katrina. “But I’d love to see you iron those clothes, though. Without me under them, this time!”

“Hee hee! Of course, Miss!”

Katrina moved back to the chair and turned around. Miss Liu looked on in awe at the incredible size difference. The massive young woman lowered her enormous ass down onto the chair, and Wang watched the clothes begin to compress before they were completely swallowed in Katrina’s acres of ass flesh. In less than a second, the chair was creaking desperately, and Miss Liu watched as the wicker legs began to buckle under the weight. The cracking and snapping noises got louder and more frequent and then finally the entire structure of the chair gave up, and Katrina dropped, full weight, to the floor, crushing the helpless chair to pieces underneath her gargantuan bulk.

“Oops!” giggled the massive crusher, “another chair bites the dust.”

Katrina once again pulled her half ton body to her full height and looked down at the remains of the chair, which had been crushed completely flat with large seconds of the wicker having been obliterated by her weight. The pile of clothes had also been squashed completely flat, and Wang was amazed to see that what used to a pile about a foot high was now compressed down to a few inches. The behemoth leaned down and peeled the top item away from the rest, which all seemed to be almost fused together from the massive pressure they’d been under. She handed it to Miss Liu.

“See if those creases meet your standards,” said the huge teenager with a grin.

Wang opened up the t-shirt and was amazed to see deep, highly sharp creases pressed into it where the folds in the cloth had been.

“Oh my God! That’s incredible!”

“Sorry about your chair, Miss. And your bed. Oh, and your sofa. But don’t worry, my Dad set up a considerable furniture fund for the ladies of our family. We’re forever crushing and destroying other people’s chairs and sofas, and we want to replace anything we break.”

“A furniture fund?”

“Hee hee. Yes. We use it quite a lot. And to be honest, my Mom and me really enjoy squashing furniture. It’s a lot of fun! All of the furniture in our house is super-reinforced, of course, but my Mom and Dad have a play room, which they stock with normal furniture so Mom can go and crush lots of things while my Dad watches.”

“Katrina, you and your family are absolutely amazing!”

“Thank you, Miss! Would you like me to have your replacement furniture reinforced as well? That way next time I come round to squash you, I won’t flatten everything I sit on!”

The thought of this becoming a regular thing made Wang’s head spin again. “Yes,” she said breathlessly, “that would be fantastic.”

Katrina glanced up at the clock on the wall. “Oh, I have to go in five minutes or my Mom will get worried and might come looking for me. And trust me; you wouldn’t want to get crushed by her!”

Wang gulped. She’d never met Katrina’s Mom, but she knew she was considerably heavier than even the colossus in front of her, and if she couldn’t cope with Katrina’s weight, her Mom would completely flatten her.

The huge teenager walked to her teacher and picked her up. “I have time to give you one more quick squashing and then I’ll go. And don’t worry; this will be a gentle squashing. I’m going to squash you under my belly.”

Wang’s eyes went wide. “Um…. Are you sure…. I don’t think I….”

“Shhhhhhh, Miss. I need to crush that final part of your bed flat, and you’re going to help me do it.”

Katrina carried her tiny teacher to the bed and laid her sideways across it, about two feet from the head of the bed. The giant woman then laid her own mammoth body on her side at the foot of the bed, her belly pointing towards the head and, because of her sheer size, it was only a few inches from Wang’s trembling body. As Katrina lowered her full 987lb bulk onto the mattress, Miss Liu felt something akin to an earthquake as the mattress sagged, compressed, and rocked under the titanic weight.

Miss Liu stammered, “K…. Katrina? W…. w…. what are you going to do?”

“Relax, Miss! I’m going to steamroller your bed flat for you. Ready?”

“No! Please! Katrina, don’t roll your weight over me!”

Katrina smiled. The sexy begging voice had come back. Miss Liu was half-scared, but the excitement in her voice gave away the fact that she wanted to be engulfed in Katrina’s half-ton belly.

The gargantuan woman began to roll her enormous bulk onto her stomach, and almost immediately Wang started to be swallowed up in masses and masses of belly flesh and flab. As Katrina rolled further, more and more flesh engulfed her, and then the massive weight behind the soft flesh began to press down on the tiny teacher. Miss Liu felt her little body be pressed into the mattress, and then shortly after that the mattress was compressed flat as well. Quickly, the pressure on her small body became intense, although Katrina’s belly seemed to deliver a softer squashing than her huge ass had earlier.

Miss Liu’s world went dark as her whole body was swallowed by Katrina’s flesh that was crushing her small body totally flat. The heat from Katrina was incredible, as was the weight, and noises from the world around her had become completely muffled. She had been utterly engulfed in flab and it was a feeling unlike anything she’d ever experienced before.

She heard faint, muffled groans and creaks from something metal and her dazed brain guessed that her final remaining bed supports had just been crushed by her half-ton student. The rolling motion of Katrina also came to a halt; her body was so massive that just a half roll, from her side onto her belly, took her from one end of the bed to the other.

Wang’s ribcage was bending under the weight, and she could feel her whole upper body being crushed flatter and flatter. There was no way for her to get any breath into her flattened body because, aside from the fact that her lungs were crushed under half a ton of weight, her whole head was smothered in flesh. The weight was unbearable and Wang desperately tried to wriggle, or move, but it was no use. She couldn’t even begin to budge a tiny bit of the colossal woman lying on top of her.

All of a sudden, the terrifying weight lifted slightly and then slammed back down hard, crushing her even more upon impact. Then it happened again, and Wang could hear more muffled noises of metal being tortured and crushed. Again, all 987lbs lifted up and slammed back down, flattening the tiny 95lb woman, and then Wang’s air-deprived body finally figured out what was going on: the colossal crusher was bouncing up and down! Miss Liu panicked and tried to scream out, to beg Katrina to get off her, but no sound came. The incredible half ton of weight crushing her flat was exhausting and quickly the tiny teacher was overwhelmed from the mammoth weight she was enduring.

The massive, terrifying body of Katrina bounced once more and the huge crushing weight was too much for Miss Liu to take. Her eyes closed, and she passed out with half a ton of teenager on top of her.

End of Part Four.
Katrina's Revenge - Part 4 of the story.

If you like stories, like this one, involving super sized women crushing people, take a look at [link] ( for more.
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